Your Guide to Buying an Bluetooth Audio Receivers Eric Hewitt

Music lovers love the new technology of Bluetooth audio receivers. They ensure that your existing audio system has a wireless connectivity feature, allowing smooth streaming of music from any device at any time. A Bluetooth audio receiver acts as a bridge between your phone, laptop, and your audio system, and can stream live music up to a range of 30 feet or more. We know that the market is full of various models of different brands, and choosing one may get a little confusing at times. To help you find the best Bluetooth audio receiver, we have searched the Internet and jotted down some useful pointers.

Types Bluetooth Audio Receivers

All compatible Bluetooth devices within each other’s range can automatically connect to each other. The Bluetooth technology is available in handheld devices such as phones, camcorders, and cameras. The GPS system in your phone, for instance, uses the Bluetooth technology to get directions and locate restaurants, shops etc. Without this Bluetooth audio receiver, you would miss important landmarks on the road when traveling.

Headsets are also equipped with Bluetooth technology, and they can pair up with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone for hands-free conversation while driving.

Printers, scanners and most keyboards in offices use Bluetooth to create a shared space. It connects to the laptop or computer you are using without having to install long cords or wires. You can receive audio files through this shared space.

What Reviewers Have to Say

After going through thousands of Bluetooth audio receiver reviews, we have found out that most customers look for these factors before they choose the final product.

  • Compatibility: You need to match the speaker of an audio system or the source of the sound with the Bluetooth audio receivers. It is better not to rely on any random consumer review that the receiver will function with any type of arrangement. As a user, you must check the standardized receivers with the source or speakers. Check technical specifications like impedance and power per channel ratings to find out if the various types of Bluetooth audio receivers are powerful enough to handle HD-quality music.

  • Check the product's warranty: Are the manufacturers prepared to take back faulty device without any problems? Does the warranty cover additional expenses, like the cost of a spare part if it gets damaged within the warranty period?

  • Power ratings: The power ratings indicate the capability of a particular Bluetooth audio receiver. But it is the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) rating which determines the quality of the sound. The THD is the ratio of the sum of the power of all the harmonic components in the sound to the power of the sound's fundamental frequency. Lower distortion means that the sound is reproduced more faithfully to the original. You want a THD as low as possible: A THD rating of less than 0.1% is hardly audible, and a rating of 0.08% or lower should be more than adequate.  

Important Features

  • Check its compatibility with other devices: One of the primary criteria for choosing a particular Bluetooth audio receiver is to ensure that the system is compatible with other devices. If you plan to move the receiver among different systems, it may hamper the audio quality. But hooking up with a specific device will ensure that you can enjoy the uninterrupted good-quality sound.

  • Consider the quality of sound: A Bluetooth audio receiver has a maximum range of 30 feet. This length is adequate for a small room or an apartment but is not enough for an entire house. You may not need a ‘line of sight’ between the receiver and the transmitter, but existing walls and partitions hamper the quality of the sound.

  • Think about the technology: When you plan to buy a Bluetooth audio receiver, always search for a feature known as Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (= A2DP). This feature enables the Bluetooth to stream stereo audio. The sound quality will be good but will be slightly lower than what an audiophile would insist on. 

Top-Rated Brands

  • EtekCity Unify Roverbeats: One of the best things about this brand is that its devices can be easily paired with any similar Bluetooth-enabled equipment. These are portable and can be easily used as an audio adapter.

  • AmazonBasics: Covering a range of 30 feet, the AmazonBasics offers simple Bluetooth audio receivers for people with a medium budget. The sound quality is not the best on the market, but with its other features, it definitely makes a good package for those who like something inexpensive and effective.

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