Your Guide to Buying an Chainsaw Sharpeners Eric Hewitt

If you are a professional woodcutter or lumberjack, you need to sharpen your chainsaw from time to time. This is part of regular maintenance and ensures greater longevity of the chainsaw. Looking for the right one can be really tricky--you do not want to end up with a product which does not work or fails to meet your requirements. To help you find the best chainsaw sharpener which you can utilize for years, we have put together this guide, after going through many customer reviews.

Types Chainsaw Sharpeners

Broadly speaking, there are three different types of chainsaw sharpeners: manual sharpeners, electrically-operated bench models, and the hand-held round files.

  • A manual sharpener helps you file your chainsaw with accuracy. These are less expensive than their electric cousins, but they can take a lot of time to sharpen the chainsaw. This model can be quickly transported to any job site. Once the sharpener is clipped into the saw bar, the angles and depth are adjusted, and the sharpener will work in a swinging motion by sliding the file back and forth.

  • A professional will prefer an electrically-operated chainsaw sharpener because it requires less physical effort. It is more expensive than the bar-mounted manual sharpeners. These are mostly mounted on walls or a bench, and cannot be easily transported to different job sites. These sharpeners have grinding wheels of various sizes--if you are a beginner, it is best to look for a model with a grinding wheel cover.

  • The hand-held round file requires precise control: the sharpener should be used on the front edge of the blade at the same angle, so as not to damage the chain. Like the manual model, this also requires a lot of time to complete the sharpening procedure. 

What Reviewers Have to Say

After going through thousands of chainsaw sharpener reviews, we found that most users emphasize these three points when selecting the product.

  • Compatibility: Most of the chainsaw sharpeners are compatible with many brands of chainsaws, but it is always better to check whether it meets your requirements before buying. Search for user ratings and feedback from customers from verified websites to get the best deal.

  • How often will you need it: Apart from the cost, you should also consider how frequently you will use the sharpener, before actually purchasing one. If you use a chainsaw only infrequently, look for proper guidelines before using the chainsaw sharpener.

  • Power rating: Check the watts that the device uses—watts being a unit of power, the more watts indicate greater power in the device.

Important Features

  • Think about the specifications: The filing gauge in the chainsaw sharpener can restore the sharpness of the cutter. It is good to find the shortest cutter, and then buy files which match the length of the cutter. The depth gauges, or “rakers”, on the other hand, control and limit the depth to which the cutter will reach. Before buying a chainsaw sharpener, also look at the RPM (revolutions per minute) or speed of the sharpener: the higher the speed, the more reliable it will be.

  • Choose an electrically operated sharpener: An electric chainsaw sharpener can work fast and ensure a smooth chainsaw in no time. Check the angle of your chainsaw blade and see if it matches your sharpener, so that the cutting process is consistent and smooth.

  • Look for safety features: If you have never tried your hand on chainsaw sharpening, it is best to look for a product with safety features. Before sharpening the chainsaw, inspect the product and try to find out if there is any damage. If the teeth of the sharpener are damaged after use, they should be replaced immediately.

Top-Rated Brands

Timberline: Timberline is a brand known for its quality products at the best prices. Timberline makes the Timberline Chainsaw Manual Sharpener, which can effectively be used on all types of chainsaws. Made with strong machined aluminum, this machine is extremely portable and can be easily carried to any job site.

Buffalo Tools: The ECSS Electric Chainsaw of Buffalo Tools is probably the best functional and economical sharpener available in the market. Although the chain needs to be installed manually through the sharpener, it can really work wonders on your chainsaw.


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