Your Guide to Buying an Clip On Sunglasses Eric Hewitt

How should you choose clip-on sunglasses?

Do you wear prescription glasses and find it uncomfortable to go out in the bright sun? Well, we have a great option for you. Buy yourself the best clip-on sunglasses. They're ideal for you to protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays. They'll also save money that you would otherwise have to spend on a pair of regular sunglasses. As the name suggests, the clip-on sunglasses can be worn on top of the prescription glasses, using a plastic or magnetic clip. There are various types of clip-on sunglasses available on the market, with varying colors and styles.​

Important Features

What should you consider when buying clip-on sunglasses?

It is important to be sure that you are buying the right clip-on sunglasses. If you purchase an inferior pair, they man not give your eyes the UV protection you expect from sunglasses. After going through thousands of reviews of clip-on sunglasses, here are some important considerations we think you must check before buying your pair:

  • Choose the right type of clip-on sunglasses: The clip-on sunglasses come in three basic types:

    • Standard clip-on: These are the least expensive, but not very convenient to use. These sunglasses attach to the bridge of the prescription glasses and take a good amount of effort to attach and remove.

    • Flip Clip-on: These are more convenient to attach and remove. In fact, they attach like a flip cover and can be moved up or down, based on the lighting condition.

    • Magnetic clip-on: These are the most convenient of all. They attach to the prescription glasses with magnetic clips.

  • Check the measure of the clip-on sunglasses: The measure of the sunglasses is another important factor. You need to pick a pair of clip-on sunglasses whose dimensions match your prescription glasses. You should measure the width of the sunglasses from the middle.

  • Choose the right style: The clip-on sunglasses come in a range of styles. From retro to cat eyes, there is a wide selection. Choose a style that corresponds to the prescription glasses that you wear. 

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