Your Guide to Buying an Coin Sorters Eric Hewitt

How Should You Choose a Coin Sorter?

Sorting and counting coins can be a tedious task, even for the most experienced hands. A coin sorter could put an end to your daily worries of sorting and counting. Both manual and electronic coin sorters are available on the market. You should choose the best coin sorter, whatever may be your preference, in order to maximize your performance. After going through thousands of coin sorter reviews, we have listed some points which will help you buy the best one out of the many options.

Important Features

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Coin Sorter?

There are different types of coin sorters available on e-commerce sites. But you need to consider a lot of factors before purchasing the right one.

  • Check the speed: Look for a coin sorter with an optimum speed according to your daily requirement. However, if the specified speed is 2200 coins per day, you should not assume that the equipment can run at that speed all day. The duty cycle of the coin sorter will give you an idea about the number of coins it can handle safely per day.

  • Check the coin types that can be handled: Carefully consider the types of coins which the coin counter can handle. Some coin sorters can handle dollar coins, along with usual nickels, dimes and quarters.

  • Explore hands-free options: Look for coin tubes that fill automatically for a hands-free operation.

  • Look for additional features: To increase the utility of your coin sorter, check for extra features such as an anti-jamming system and batch counting facilities. In addition, some models include coin wrappers or rollers that are capable of rolling coins into a tube with the help of special attachments. This can be a very useful feature for businesses and shops. An LCD display is another desirable feature which clearly displays the results of the coin sorting for each cycle.

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