Your Guide to Buying an Compact Cameras Eric Hewitt

How Should You Choose a Compact Camera?

Some may love to capture themselves, some may love to capture scenery, and some may love to capture real-life moments. Even though nowadays all smartphones boast an impressive built-in camera, a few may like a compact camera meant to capture moments with clarity. With so many types of compact cameras inundating the market, this guide, compiled after going through thousands of compact camera reviews over the Internet, would be handy to help you choose the best compact camera.

Important Features

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Compact Camera?

Many leading brands offer compact cameras, and each model comes with a unique set of features. Here is a consolidated list of factors to be considered to make your purchase the best buy!

  • Decide your requirement of stills or videos: Decide on what you intend to capture. A still camera will capture moments, but may not be great to shoot videos.

  • Do not choose a camera because of its pixels: Do not rely on the number of megapixels. Even with a higher megapixel camera, it is the sensor that will determine the image quality and not the number of pixels.

  • Check the zoom: Expect a decent zoom in a compact camera. With a larger zoom lens, the clarity of the image is compromised. Hence, in the compact camera category, there is not much choice with respect to the zoom range.

  • Go for an LCD screen: Opt for a camera with a high-resolution LCD screen, as this will be useful while taking pictures under the bright sun. It allows the photographer to focus on the image by avoiding the glare from the sun.

  • Check for image stabilization: Look for cameras with an image stabilization feature, as the compact cameras are mostly hand-held and are used without a tripod. This feature will ensure removing any effect of the camera shaking.

  • Check the type of memory: Decide on the type of memory card you would wish to use. Almost all models will support an SDHC (=Secure Digital High Capacity) card. SDXC (=Secure Digital Extended Capacity) cards have an extended capacity and can support storage of 64 GB, but this comes with a higher price tag.

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