Your Guide to Buying an Game Cameras Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a game camera?

Game cameras have always been a hot favorite among most outdoorsmen and hunters, and if you have been one of those enthusiasts, you must read on. Understanding the fundamentals of how the camera works would help you make an informed decision. To assist you to choose the best game camera, we have summarized some expert tips, after going through thousands of game camera reviews on the Internet.

Important Features

What should you look for when buying a game camera

Game cameras employ a great amount of complexity, and there are several types of game cameras available. Each camera is unique in its function and mechanism. Here is a list of features to look for before buying one:

  • Check for picture quality: Glance through the pictures taken with the camera, paying attention to the color, clarity, and resolution of the picture. These factors are more important than a high megapixel count.

  • Check the type of flash: Decide on which type of flash you would like. The type of flash influences the snapshots taken during the night. There are flash options such as red glow infrared, no glow infrared, and white flash, as well as others.

  • Look for detection circuits: Pay attention to this feature--the detection circuit helps detect the animal that you want to shoot. The detection circuit is based on the time of trigger, recovery, and detection of the target.

  • Check the capture mode: Look for a still photo mode if you are keen on capturing still images. If you prefer videos, opt for video capture mode. However, there are models which offer both modes.

  • Check for trigger speed: Opt for fast trigger time if you want to capture a slew of shots. Trigger times range from 0.13 seconds to 1.3 seconds.

  • Pay attention to battery longevity: Look at battery longevity, since you will want to use your camera for an extended period between recharging or replacing batteries. A game camera should be able to survive even in colder regions if you use a good quality battery, without you having to change the battery very frequently.

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