Your Guide to Buying an Gaming Laptops

How should you choose a gaming laptop?

A gaming laptop can provide you with the most thrilling gaming experience on the fly. The best part is that a gaming laptop is considered to be a good buy even for non-gamers, due to their superior build and ability to run heavy applications. To enhance your experience, you should choose the best gaming laptop. 

Important Features

What should you consider before buying a gaming laptop?

There are different types of gaming laptops available on e-commerce sites. After going through thousands of gaming laptop reviews, we have listed some points which will help you buy the right one out of the multiple options on the e-commerce sites.

  • Check for 3D graphics: Look for the NVIDIA or AMD Radeon HD Graphics line of video cards. NVIDIA Geforce GTX 850M or GTX 760M is the minimum requirement for any gaming laptop.

  • Look for VRAM: For proper functioning, GPUs require their own VRAM. Anything between 4GB to 8GB will be adequate.

  • Choose a proper CPU: Look for an i5 or i7 quad-core processor from Intel. They are the fastest processors currently available in the market, and can really enhance your gaming experience.

  • Check the RAM: Anything between 8GB to 16GB would work well under most circumstances. However, if you want to run heavy applications or several apps simultaneously, you may need an upgrade.

  • Choosing a hard drive: Look for a solid state drive (SSD) drive for fast-speed applications. However, if you plan to store a number of files and games, a traditional hard drive would be more suitable. Many gamers like to have two hard drives: using an SSD to load operating systems and games, and a 1TB hard drive for additional data.

  • Check the screen: Look for a Full-HD display and higher resolutions. You should get a fair idea about clarity and color accuracy by checking on-line reviews.

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