Shopping Guide to buy an Iron On Transfer Paper For T Shirts

Important Features

What makes the best iron on transfer paper?

At times you may have printed an image on a T-shirt that later turned odd. More so, your designs may be ‘cracking’, resulting from the type, and the quality of the paper used in the process. Choosing the best iron-on transfer paper for your printer can be a daunting task particularly if you are new in this field. In the subsequent section is a brief spot on, highlighting features that make the best iron-on transfer paper that will yield the best result with on your fabric. These include:

  • Compatibility with your printer - Currently, most iron-on transfer papers are made for inkjet printers. However, available are also laser and sublimation printer papers. When seeking an iron-on transfer paper, you ought to be aware of the type of your printer. Adhering to manufacturers recommendations are significant, for instance, using iron-on transfer paper meant for inkjet in a laser printer could be catastrophic. Primarily this would result in the paper melting all over your printer and repairing it could result in a massive bill or even replacing it. To be on the right track, keenly check the label before purchase to ascertain you have the right paper for your printer.
  • Fabric/ material color - Besides establishing whether the paper is compatible with your printer, another vital factor to consider is the color of the fabric that you will be transferring your designs. At the moment most of the papers are widely made for white and light colored fabrics. Therefore, if you intend to transfer your image onto a white garment, you need a paper labeled for white color. It is significant that you seek a paper that is particularly made for your fabric, for you to achieve compelling results.
  • The sheet-size- Usually, the sheet size depends on where you want to transfer your image onto. However, working on a longer transfer paper offers you more freedom, when creating your graphics or pictures to be transferred onto a shirt.
  • Durability- laser and inkjet transfer papers can hardly be compared to fabric-based, sublimation, and cad-cut transfers. However, with inkjet papers coupled with correct transfer techniques, they tend to offer designs resistant to fading, cracks or peeling upon numerous washing. To appropriately evaluate durability, consider variables such as; wash and fade resistance, elasticity, hand feel, resistance to cracking, and color vibrancy.
  • Cool-peel feature- notably a myriad of transfer papers need to be peeled off as soon as after ironing, with cool-peel backing papers, you can wait until the transfer cools before peeling. This will primarily prevent the earlier mention scorched fingertips.
  • Affordability – the best t-shirt transfer paper needs to affordable. Look for papers that are fairly priced and therefore fit within your budget. Designing your favorite t-shirts designs ought not to be an expensive endeavor.
  • Availability and reliability- the best iron on transfer paper for t-shirts need to be reliable in terms of the outcome. The end results should be a state of the art design on your garment. Some paper may feel somehow like plastic when transferred to your fabric while others are associated with scorched fingertips. Avoid such papers. Additionally, ideal papers ought to be readily available, with numerous online stores currently finding the iron-on transfer paper is relatively easy.

Top-Rated Brands

Best iron on transfer paper brands 2018

With the high number of brands in the market at the moment, it may be a challenge knowing which ones offer top-notch iron-on transfer papers. In the unfolding sections is a select list of some of the ideal top rated brands in the market currently. They include:

  • Avery Light T-shirt Transfers:  This is designed particularly for inkjet printers and comes with six sheets to use in an inkjet printer. It is coupled with a color shield formula, meaning bright color remain bright even after use.
  • Techni-print EPZ laser heat best, transfer paper: As the name suggests, the iron transfer paper meant for laser printers only. It easy to use and amazingly soft hand. It ranks among the best in transferring personalized photos and images to fabric.
  • Epson Iron-on Cool Peel, best Transfer paper: It comes with 10 sheets measuring 8.5’ by 11 inches. From the name, it enables one to transfer peels off after cooling easily. It is particularly ideal for canvas bags, T-shirts, and much more.
  • PrintWorks White T-shirt transfers: Although they are meant for white fabrics only, they are arguably among the best. The brand is specially made for inkjet printers.


In a nutshell, as aforementioned, it is vital that you purchase an iron-on transfers paper coupled with specifics features. The specifications to be on the lookout for include; fabric and printer compatibility, durability, and color of your fabric. With these features on board, you can be certain that the end results will be a masterpiece.

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