Your Guide to Buying an Microwave Plate Covers Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a microwave plate cover?

If you are someone with a busy schedule that doesn't allow a lot of time for food preparation, you probably depend a lot on your microwave to cook and heat food quickly. More than 90% of households today have and regularly use a microwave in their everyday cooking. If so, then you probably are in need of a microwave plate cover in your kitchen. A microwave plate cover helps you keep food warm and moist in the microwave, by keeping the liquid in the food from evaporating. It also protects the microwave from food spattering over the course of cooking. Here is a guide to some of the things to look for in a microwave plate cover.

Important Features

What should you consider when buying microwave plate cover?

When you read the various microwave plate covers reviews, you will understand the importance of these seemingly insignificant pieces of microwave-friendly utensils. Various types of microwave plate covers – in varied shapes and sizes - are designed to make microwave use safer and cleaner, as well as protect the quality of the food. Also, when you heat up certain types of foods in the microwave, there can be cases when you may find the food gets a little overheated and there could be smoke emitted from the oven. This could damage the interior plates of the oven. When you use the best microwave plate covers, you can avoid all these worries. Here is what you should consider when purchasing a microwave plate cover:

  • The size of the plate covers: Always ensure that the size is larger than the microwave tray. That ensures that the food is covered properly, so as to avoid any spills.

  • The material used for the plate covers: You'll find covers made from clear microwave-safe plastic, while others are solid colors. Apart from that, the material used to make these plate covers should also be food-grade quality so that the food’s nutrients are not lost.

  • Shape: You'll see both flat and domed microwave plate covers. The flat covers allow you to stack food one on top of the other, although they also require more cleaning since the food comes in contact with the food cover. On the other hand, domed plate covers surround the food, but will also allow you to only heat one dish at a time. They will also have holes, so as to allow the steam to be released from the food, but not so much so as to let the food dry out.

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