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Best Motion Sickness Medicines 2018

Traveling is a hobby cherished by many; besides, it is a mandatory activity in life as we are never localized and resources fixed at one point. The modes of travel create the only variation as any traveling activity will involve movement from one location to another. Motion sickness limits and dampen the traveling experience as it stands as a problem to people traveling by virtually all modes of travel be it a car, boat or air. Also known as seasickness, motion sickness is a condition whereby disagreement exists between the balance and equilibrium functions of the inner ear with the visual motion. Several remedies are available and pharmacological intervention remains a darling to many because of convenience and reliability.

What is a motion sickness medicine?

The symptoms of motion sickness can start from the initial feeling of uneasiness, sweats and ultimately nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are traumatizing and make your company uncomfortable as well. Motion sickness medicine is any agent that is taken before or during travel to prevent the occurrence of motion sickness. Motion sickness medicines stabilize the various signals to the brain from the vestibular ear, and the eyes thus ensure the sickly feeling experienced when traveling does not ensue in patients previously diagnosed as the potential candidate for motion sickness.

Motion sickness medicines are available both as prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication. Following diagnosis mainly by use of patient history and physical examination, predisposed persons mostly children and pregnant women should be enlightened on the available motion sickness medicines and how best to use them. Motion sickness medicine is also recommended in persons at risk, and the risk factors include; anxiety or fear about traveling, mode of traveling and poor ventilation in the traveling vehicle.

Why do you need Motion Sickness medicines?

Atop natural self-care techniques, medicines for motion sickness have a vital role in preventing or stopping motion sickness, and they might be the only viable treatment in some cases. Carsickness drug products are associated with the following advantages;

  • Medicines are a convenient way of controlling motion sickness; the use of nonpharmacological techniques although beneficial and void of side effects may be time-consuming and much involving thus most persons will prefer the use of medications which are generally convenient.


  • Motion sickness medicines exhibit quick onset of action; thus they stop the sickly feeling nearly immediately. Parenteral administration provides explicitly immediate relief for motion sickness and travelers are spared of the debilitating experience during travel.


  • They have reliable action, and the treatment outcome can be predicted. Unlike nonpharmacological interventions, medicines can be manipulated to act during the desired duration by dose adjustments. Use of drugs can provide relief during the entire journey as effects are dose-dependent.

It is important to note that before taking the motion sickness medicines, the provider ought to acquaint you with adequate knowledge pertaining the risk benefits ratio, administration of the drug, possible side effects such as drowsiness and potential drug interactions.

What makes the best motion sickness medicine?

Today you can walk through a supermarket or stop by a chemist and ask for a motion sickness medicine; you will be surprised at the variety of choices you have and settling on the best product to buy may be a problem. Not every motion sickness will work best for you since your situation is different thus you have to settle for nothing but the best motion sickness medicine. So what makes the best motion sickness medication? Well, in answering this question which usually creates a dilemma in many, we give a set of considerations that will guide you to your best motion sickness medicine. Firstly, consider the ease of use; how quickly can you acquire and use the given medication. Probably OTC will shine since sometimes getting a prescription may be a tedious process. Secondly, you have to look at the duration of action as well as the onset of work; the best motion sickness medicines should act promptly and have a sustained activity thus no need for multiple dosing. Usually, transdermal patches are used as they provide sustained action with minimal side effect as systemic involvement is minimized.

Thirdly, you have to consider the safety profile of such medicines. An appropriate drug should have minimum side effects and no possibility of toxic accumulation. No ideal exist thus reduced side effects, and toxicity drugs are advocated. Besides, as stated above, motion sickness is a common occurrence in pregnant women; therefore, the drug should be non-teratogenic to ensure the safety of the unborn baby.  Finally, you are likely to travel more than once in a lifetime thus the ideal motion sickness medicine should have a long shelf-life, easy availability and reasonable affordability. This assures you of cover whenever you travel as you can quickly acquire the medication at manageable costs.

Efficacy of the best motion sickness medicine can be proven by the presence of one of the following active agents among them being anticholinergics, antihistamines, antidopaminergics, sympathomimetic and benzodiazepines. These agents give the motion sickness medicines their action of creating stabilization during travel.

Best motion sickness medicine brands 2018

Below is a list of top rated medicines for motion sickness according to recent product review;

  1. Anti-Nausea -  Motion Sickness Relief Patch, 20 Count/Boxes; this is attached behind the ear 10 minutes before travel and provide activities for a maximum of 3 days. It is easy to use and has minimal side effects.
  2. MQ® -  Motion Sickness Patch, 20 Count/Box- motion sickness medicine for kids up to 4 years. It is easy to apply and retails at a price of $ 10.44.
  3. Dramamine - Motion Sickness Relief – a non-drowsy motion sickness medicine which has meclizine hydrochloride as the active ingredient. Can be useful for up to 24 hours.

Prompt treatment of motion sickness with the best motion sickness medicines have proven effective in alleviating the disturbing symptoms that ensue during travels making the experience hectic. Proper use of such medication is vital, and it is crucial to give considerations to particular groups as some of these medications are contraindicated for instance in children. Use drugs only when necessary!

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