Your Guide to Buying an Portable Cd Player For Audio Books Eric Hewitt

Why should you buy a portable CD player for your audio books?

For those of us who are still clinging to our valuable CD collection, there are several types of portable CD players available in the market. What is really great about a portable CD player for audio books is that you have access to your favorite books on the go. Audio books are relatively cheaper than a printed book, and your audio player can double as a player for your music. With a multitude of portable CD players vying for your attention, getting your hands on a good one should not be a matter of luck. This buying guide will discuss all the things you need to consider to select the best portable CD player.

Types Portable Cd Player For Audio Books

Portable CD players can be differentiated on the basis of their additional features:

  1. CD players with Karaoke function—These allow you to play music from your CD player as background music as you sing along. You can record your “performance” and play it back, or send it to other devices electronically.

  2. CD players with MP3 function—These allow you store and play back music that you have stored in the form of MP3 files.

What Reviewers Have to Say

  • Warranty: All users stress the need for a genuine warranty. Customer support and after sales services are important things to consider when purchasing any electronic device.

  • User interface: After going through thousands of portable CD player reviews, we conclude that most users prefer devices that have a clear user interface, large buttons and an LCD display that can be easily read. All these features make for comfortable use and guarantee comfort on the go, which is the unique selling proposition of portable CD players.

  • Comfort: Select lightweight durable products from reliable manufacturers. Most users recommend rechargeable AA batteries that have good battery life and recharging specifications. The wireless headset is yet another desirable feature that you can opt for.

Important Features

  • Ensure long battery life: A long battery life eliminates the inconvenience of having to charge your device frequently. Most CD players currently available run on “AA” or “AAA” batteries. Select a device that includes rechargeable batteries which can be charged directly by connecting your player to the wall socket. Some models may require you to remove the batteries from the battery socket and charge them separately. A battery life between 40 to 60 hours is considered good.

  • Check the CD formatting options: A good quality CD player should ideally support all kinds of audio CDs. Your CD player should be able to handle MP3 or WMA formats as well.

  • Opt for anti-shock and anti-skip protection: When you're buying a portable CD player, an anti-shock or anti-skip protection is a must. This feature enables your device to read and save upcoming data in advance. At times, when the machine fails to read data on the spot due to external shocks or movements, it plays back the pre-recorded data instead. This cuts down on interruptions you may experience while listening.

  • Look for extra features: There are plenty of other features to look for. For example, Sony's Megabass technology gives you a home theater experience through your headphones. Also, some models offer AM/FM tuners as well.

  • Sound Quality: Sound quality is obviously the most important factor that you should be considering when buying a portable CD player. Opt for standard quality equipment that has the ability to enhance your audio experience. The kind of earbuds that you use can also affect the sound quality. You should opt for devices that support different kinds of earbuds. This will give you the freedom to change the earbud easily if required.

  • Check for bookmarks: The bookmark feature allows you to save your current position on the audio track and resume from this point at a later time. The ability to save the location is very handy if you plan to listen to audiobooks on your device. It will save you the trouble of navigating to your current location every time you switch on your device.

Top-Rated Brands

Coby is one of the leading manufacturers of portable CD players. They are a brand of Summit CE Group. Coby has established their reputation in the market by providing cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

Sony: Sony is a well-known name for all types of electronic equipment. They have maintained their position in the market by their relentless pursuit of excellence in all departments, including superior quality and design.

Insignia: Dependability, affordability, and ease of use are Insignia's aims, as they work to manufacture the best electronic products of their kind. Portable CD players by this brand are hugely popular amongst users.

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