Your Guide to Buying an Racquetball Racquets Eric Hewitt

Why would you purchase a racquetball racquet?

Do you enjoy racquetball? Then maybe you should purchase your own racquetball racquet. You can't use a tennis or squash racquet for racquetball—the racquet is perfectly suited for the ball. The best racquetball racquet is going to be one that you are most comfortable holding. But you should make your selection from the many types of racquetball racquets available, only after you understand the basic considerations.

Important Features

What should you consider when buying racquetball racquet?

Choosing the best racquetball racquet can be overwhelming because of the choices available on the market. However, if you bear in mind the fundamental features, you will not go wrong with your purchase. Here are some aspects that you should keep in mind, which we have gathered from various racquetball racquet reviews:

  • Weight: For a beginner, a racquetball racquet that weighs between 190 to 200 g is considered ideal. The lighter racquets are for the seasoned players who have a proper control of the ball and are looking at generating more racquet head speed. Because beginners tend to have slower swings, they benefit from the use of heavier racquets.

  • Balance: The racquets differ in their balance as well. The head heavy racquets are heavier on the top, and can help in increasing your swing speed. Head light racquets generally feel lighter as the weight is located more in the handle. This type of racquet is good for those who play more in the frontcourt. There is also an even balance racquet for those who want to balance control and power.

  • Price: Prices can vary greatly, depending on the weight and swing of the racquet. Those with budgetary constraints can start out with a simple, basic racquet. When you are comfortable with the game, you can upgrade your equipment and get a better version.

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