Your Guide to Buying the Best Satellite Dishes

Important Features

What Makes the Best Satellite Dishes?

Design and construction

Satellite dishes are made using plastic, steel or aluminum. Plastic-made dishes are often encased using fiberglass to increase durability. Some dishes are made using thin strands of wire and only use fiberglass for encasing. Steel dishes last longer than plastic, but they tend to rust if not properly protected.

The most durable satellite dishes are made out of aluminum. But they are also not immune to salt water which corrodes aluminum. When choosing the material to go with, don’t let color sway your decision. Most satellite dishes come in a grey color, but you can paint the dish to any color you wish.

The design and build of a satellite dish is such an important feature since most of the devices are irreparable. Once a dish breaks down, you may have to invest in a new dish altogether. Cheap dish builds are most affected during bad weather. A robustly engineered dish provides reliable signals continuously and for a long time.


Some satellite dishes are meant for permanent installation. If you want an RV satellite dish, you must ensure you buy one suited for portability. Portable dishes should be light and easy to install. A geo-stationary dish may be heavier but should also be durable and easy to install.

Most homes use satellite dishes with directional antennas. When selecting a dish, ensure you can conveniently tweak it to provide excellent signals in the best possible way.


Satellite dishes can be cheap or expensive depending on a number of factors. A steel-made device that connects to the latest receivers may be more expensive than older versions. Equally, a lightweight, portable satellite dish that uses advanced technologies will be pricier than a dish meant for fewer channels.

The number of programs supported, signals, build and customer reviews should help you pick the best satellite dish. Ease of use, installation method and the provider’s support services should also influence the decision you make.

Top-Rated Brands

Best Satellite Dishes Brands 2018

King VQ4900

Best for RVs and portable uses, the King VQ4900 is an automatic satellite acquisition powered using a remote control. The top-rated dish provides several viewing options, all at different prices. The King VQ4900 is an easy to use dish that comes with an antenna that can be tweaked for better quality pictures.

Winegard Pathway X2 PA6002R

Winegard is a one-time investment that packs everything you can dream of in a portable satellite dish. The dish is optimized for 2 TV viewing and accessing the Western and Eastern arcs for optimal HD DISH programs. Automatic and powered by a coax, Winegard also includes built-in apps for Netflix and other streaming networks.

Winegard PL7000R

Popular for good customer services, Winegard is also one of the best satellite dishes in the market. The dish uses a military-grade reflector with improved signals. It’s also easier to install on your RV or camping. Like many modern dishes, the Winegard model features a Netflix app and works primarily with DISH HD programs.


Satellite dishes provide the best way to access multiple TV programs wherever you go. With an RV satellite dish, you get to keep up with all your favorite sports channels. In rural areas, the best satellite dishes provide strong signals while other digital TVs may not. Many of the dishes are also a one-time installment. Pick the right dish and you may never to have to do it again.

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