Your Guide to Buying an Smoke Detectors

How should you choose a smoke detector?

Even the smallest fire can quickly spread out of control and have disastrous results if not extinguished promptly. Therefore, a smoke detector is a must for every home and building. Smoke detectors is a small device that sets off an alarm if it senses the presence of smoke. These devices are extremely affordable, but it is important not to focus only on the price, but also on the features when looking to buy the best smoke detector. After going through thousands of smoke detector reviews, we have put together a few pointers to make your decision a little easier.   

Important Features

What should you consider before buying a smoke detector

There are various types of smoke detectors, but most of them typically have three parts: 1) a sensor to detect the smoke, 2) an alarm, and 3) a battery. Smoke detectors may also be connected to the normal wiring of the house for its power supply. Hence it is the sensors and the alarm that you must pay attention to when buying a smoke detector.

  • Check the smoke sensors: There are two main types of sensors used in smoke detectors: 1) Ionization sensors and 2) photoelectric sensors. Ionization sensors are better at detecting fast-moving fires that produce small amounts of smoke, while photoelectric sensors are better at detecting fires that produce a lot of smoke. You could also get a smoke detector with dual sensors.

  • Check the alarm: A smoke detector’s alarm should be loud enough to be heard throughout the house and even wake you up while sleeping, if necessary. This alarm can take the form of continuous beeps or a recorded message. Today’s smoke detectors can also be connected to your phone so that if there is a fire at home while you are out, you immediately receive a message and can tend to the fire, before it’s too late.   

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