Your Guide to Buying an Stud Finders Eric Hewitt

Why should you buy a stud finder?

Anyone who thinks that mounting an LCD TV screen or a wall frame is easy has not experienced the real challenge. Over-sized or heavy mounts, such as shelves and bookcases, should be anchored directly to a vertical wall stud for a secure mount. But locating the wall stud is the difficult part. A reliable stud finder will make your task easy and quick. After going through thousands of stud finder reviews, we have put together a few pointers that will help you to buy the best stud finder.

Important Features

What should you consider before buying a stud finder?

These simple instruments work by producing an electric or magnetic field that penetrates the surface of the wall or ceiling. They give off an audio or a video signal to indicate the position of the studs and the wooden frames beneath the wall. Some high-end products go much beyond that--they can even locate metal pipes and electrical wires.

There are different types of stud finders available on the market. However, the price should not be the only consideration while selecting one; you should check product reviews and your requirements before zeroing in on any product.

  • Go for ultrasound detectors: Stud finders using ultrasound technology are the best choice. This equipment is highly sensitive and can pick up any change in wall density accurately. They not only locate the object--they also identify its width so that you can decide the exact spot at which you need to drive in the nail. Cheaper magnetic or electromagnetic stud finders work on the principle of locating the nails in the wooden studs. They are not as efficient as the ultrasound detectors.

  • Check the wall penetration ability: You should look for models that have significant wall penetration.

  • Look for additional features: Auto-leveling technology that projects horizontal lines to make your markings more accurate, an easy-to-read LCD screen and a wall attachment accessory are some of the desirable features you should check for.

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